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Boneless mutton to make your Sundays and celebrations extra special, our selection comes with carefully cut and packed pieces of lamb.

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The all-time favourite of all families, lamb curry cut with bone-in provides you a perfect balance between bones and meat

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Lamb kidneys are highly prized for their nutrition value. An extellent source of iron and protein, they taste amazing when cooked in the form of a curry.

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Our lamb keema is the perfect match for your keema-pav and kebab recipes.

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Cleaned and packed with extra care, lamb brain is one of the most delicious parts that can win hearts when cooked well.

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This delicious piece is ideal for making mutton curry and mutton stew.

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Let our biryani special lamb pieces make your dawat even more special by adding its scrumptious, juicy flavours to your dishes. 

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Lamb Chops (500g) Perfect to make dry chops, gravy and cutlets, our lamb ribs and chops are here to give you a tasty treat

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Rich in iron and minerals, lamb liver or kaleji is a delicacy best enjoyed with a dry blend of spices and herbs.

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The hind leg of the lamb is one of the best parts to buy is you’re hosting a grand meal or a celebration with your family and friends.



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